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fly to Male International airport, where one of Beacon Surf Villa’s staff will assist with your transfer to a Domestic Flight to Kadedhoo Regional Airport (KDN). at Kadedhoo, our professional staff will meet you for your speedboat transfer to Beacons Surf Villas. Your domestic flight must be arranged before you arrive to Male. We are able to arrange it for you should you wish. Please note, you may need an overnight stay in Male.

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The Maldives is one of the most beautiful and unique destinations on the planet, situated in the Indian Ocean, a few hundred miles south of India. It was only in the mid 1970's that the Maldivian government opened up their wonderland of culture, diving, surfing and other watery delights. It wasn’t until the mid 1990's that surfers started discovering the prefect pristine waves on offer.

The Maldives is a cluster of tiny coral atolls, many of them uninhabited. Now the government has allotted islands for resorts and islands for local residents. However, Beacons Surf Villas is uniquely positioned as a mini resort operating on a local resident island, offering its visitors the opportunity to recieve excellent service while experiencing life amongst local Maldivians. Male, the capital of The Maldives, is itself the biggest island in the chain, however it was too small to build an airport on, so the Maldivians used a reef nearby to build a runway. The government of the Maldives has discouraged budget travel, thus limiting the number of tourists. This has helped to keep many of the surf breaks uncrowded.

The Maldives has countless points and reef passes with waves for all levels of surfers. The Maldives has possibly the clearest water in the world. Most Maldivian waves break over coral, therefore it is recommended that booties are worn when surfing. It is also highly recommended to leave the water at least ˝ hr before dark due to the potential change of currents and the lack of visibility for boat crew at night. Also note; it is by law that all safari boats are anchored before dark and in most cases are well away from surf breaks in the lagoons behind the islands. It is highly recommended to obey surf guides and/or captains regarding tidal currents, which can vary from time to time. The currents can get so strong that paddling back out to the break can be literally impossible. These currents only last for a short time.

From Beacons Surf Villas it is possible to experience a variety of breaks for every surfer, from beginner to elite and professional surfers.